Ambassador Will Not Deny Saudi Arabia Will Pursue Nuclear Weapons If Iran Negotiations Fail


CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: Can the U.S. both help you in Yemen, and negotiate a deal that would lift sanctions against them on the nuclear front?

ABDEL AL-JUBEIR, SAUDI AMBASSADOR TO THE U.S.: We want a solid deal that denies Iran the ability to make nuclear weapons, a deal that is verifiable, cuts all avenues to a nuclear weapon for Iran, a solid deal so we are waiting to see the result for the negotiations before we assess the deal.

CHUCK TODD: You declined to rule out the idea in an earlier interview this week, that Saudi Arabia would pursue its own nuclear program, if you felt Iran was not going to be stopped.

ABDEL AL-JUBEIR: I basically said we will not discuss these issues in public.

CHUCK TODD: If you were going to say no, you'd say no?

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