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English Socialist Russell Brand: Like Obama, Hillary Is Corporate Tool Disguised As A Liberal

English comedy actor-cum-revolutionary and host of the online politics show "The Trews" Russell Brand targets the hypocrisy of American liberals who blindly supported Obama and will support Hillary Clinton.

RUSSELL BRAND, THE TREWS: Under Obama the richest 10% of wealthy Americans are better off, while the number of people on benefits has peaked. Despite his initial pledge, Obama has never closed Guantanamo Bay. It is still open.

Obama's crackdown on immigration has filled up U.S. prisons with Hispanics. Prisons that are paid for increasingly with private funding and built for profit.

In America, two black people are killed by white police officers every week.

Now, when you were voting for Obama, that is what you were voting for.

We can see now when we use the magic of history, that when we voted for "Yes We Can!", "Change!", "Hope!" what we were voting for was dead black people, filled prisons, bombing innocent people abroad and signing deals to give corporations virtually unlimited power.

OK, so if an election that seemed as significant as the election of President Obama ultimately turned out to be meaningless, how can we get whooped up about Hillary Clinton, who is in the running?

When she was Secretary of State, she tried to forward the interests of General Electric, Exxon-Mobil and Microsoft -- Why? Because they funded her.

Her charity that she runs receives money from countries that abuse human rights and repress women. $7.2 million from Saudi Arabia -- that is a corporate connection right here.

Soon, we will see the emergent idea of "Hillary Clinton! It is a woman! We could have a woman president!" Oh great, yeah, we had a black one, that didn't work -- how about a woman one? Let's have a little kid doing the job.

I'm saying this with the smug snooty air of an Englishman, because as you know English politics is in great shape...

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