WSJ's Jason Riley on Bergdahl Charges: "I Don't Know How Susan Rice Still Has A Job"


JASON RILEY, WALL STREET JOURNAL: I don't know how Susan Rice still has a job in this administration. She is either giving the president bad advice or she is deliberately misleading the public, whether it's on this issue or the Benghazi video. But this deal smelled from the beginning, Chris. As soon as he was released other members of his unit went on record questioning whether or not he was a deserter. These were credible folks who knew what they were talking about. The president decided to play this up. I think it not only makes him look foolish in hindsight, I think it was a mistake strategically. It sent a signal of weakness to the Taliban, to the terrorists. It said we were tired of this fight, we were ready to cut deals. I don't know if has emboldened other groups like ISIS.

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