Hayden: Fall Of Yemen Means "Physical Pressure We Had On al-Qaeda Is Reduced"


DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE MICHAEL HAYDEN: I can imagine what is going on at Langley now is they try to recover or at least sustain some of the things that have been going on in Yemen. Your question is fundamentally about the physical pressure we were able to maintain on al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula. Two broad thrusts here I think -- One was cooperating with the Yemeni government and using their forces to create that physical pressure. That government no onger exists, so that is off the table.

We had our own forces there, largely for targeted killings. Targeted killings require exquisite intelligence, and there is no secret sauce there, it is a fabric created out of all varieties and streams of intelligence collection. So let us look now at what is our capacity to continue targeted killings. Technical intelligence will continue, a little degraded, but pretty much stays in place. Liaison within the government in Yemen is gone.

And finally human sources, really critical in making sure you are being very correct when you apply violence with this kind of precision.

The human source networks will continue but I suspect they will erode over time because of our lack of physical presence in the country.

So the overall assessment is that the physical pressure we had on al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and barring something like a return, it will continue to erode in the future.

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