Andrea Mitchell On The "Spread Of Failure And Islamic Extremism Beyond al-Qaeda"


ANDREA MITCHELL: Yemen is not only a failed state, this is now a proxy war, a civil war and a proxy war between Iran backed Shi'ite rebels and the Saudis. The Saudis on the border worried about their oil fields. They had low level insurgencies for years but this is a serious danger to Saudi Arabia. You have a Shi'ite-Sunni civil war going on with big players behind them.

CHUCK TODD: Yemen has been a hotbed. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is this failed state we've seen. Underwear bomber launched from there. Without a U.S. presence there AQAP can only grow.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Indeed and in fact we had the bombings in Sana’a, which were claimed by ISIS as their bombings against the horrific bombings, 130 or more dead in these mosques.

The White House is not saying whether or not it is ISIS. If that's the case then this is the first time we've seen ISIS there. It's a spreading of ISIS but also with the special forces withdrawn there's no way we can continue to fight against AQAP, al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula.

CHUCK TODD: Very quickly the Arab spring. Big terrorist attack in Tunisia earlier this week. What’s going on in Yemen only two semi success stories of the Arab spring? Arab springs no long ear success anywhere?

ANDREA MITCHELL: No. in fact these forces were trained to beat Libya the other failed state. You see the spread of failure and Islamic extremism beyond al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula. This is even worse.

CHUCK TODD: Libya, Syria, Yemen. Three failed states, hopefully there are not more to come.

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