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Earnest: Yemen Serves As Template Of Strategy We Employed To Mitigate Threat From Extremists

Following a week in which al-Qaeda killed hundreds of Shi'ite worshipers backed by Iran in twin Mosque bombings in the capital Sana'a, British and U.S. military advisers fled the country, and ISIS announced it was entering what is now being called the Yemeni civil war, White House spokesman Josh Earnest responds to questions about whether Yemen is still a good "template" for success in the middle east.

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: The case that we have made is that Yemen did serve as a sort of template for the kind of strategy that we would employ to mitigate the threat from extremists around the world. In Yemen, the U.S. did on occasion take steps to remove some extremists from the battlefield. Those were steps that were carried out using U.S. capabilities, done in conjunction with the Yemeni central government and with national security forces inside that country. Ultimately our goal here is to build up the capacity of local countries so they can assume responsibility for their own security situation. That has the effect of stabilizing the country so extremists can't use it to plot against the west.

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