Steve Israel Says Steve King's Comments About Jews/Democrats Are "Insulting" And "Dangerous"


New York congressmen Steve King and Steve Israel butt heads over Israel-U.S. relations.

REP. STEVE ISRAEL: Look, I know Steve King. I didn't know he was a Talmudic scholar. Able to define what is a Jew and what makes a good Jew. Look. I don't advise Steve King on issues that he is close to and I certainly do not expect Steve King to advise me on what makes a good Jew...

It is insulting and dangerous because the relationship between the United States and Israel should not be used as a partisan football, and when you get this invective that begins to creep on dual loyalties, and when somebody like Steve King begins to pass judgement on who is a good Jew and who isn't, that is very dangerous territory and he needs to just back down.

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