Huffington Post's Sam Stein: Netanyahu's Arab Voters Comment "Touched A Nerve" For Obama


Sam Stein, political reporter for The Huffington Post, appeared on MSNBC to discuss his interview with President Obama that was released on Friday.

ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC: What was the president's state of mind about all of this? Because it was pretty edgy as far as all of the briefings we got from the White House on and off camera.

SAM STEIN: Yeah, you know what struck me was how much more -- I guess I want to say emotional, but he was more critical about the Arab voters in the language that Netanyahu used there than he was about the dismissal of a two-state solution from Netanyahu in the days before the election.

I think the reason why is because that Arab voters comment touched a nerve for the president. Obviously in our own country we've had our own problem with racial histories and with voter issues with respect to racism. I think when the president heard that language, it resonated with him in a different way than the geopolitical stuff. He made it clear in the phone call, he let Netanyahu know this was not acceptable if Israel wanted to continue to be this lone democracy in the Middle East.

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