Palestinian Activist: Young Americans "Turning Away" From "Xenophobic" Status-Quo Represented By Netanyahu And GOP


YOUSEF MUNAYYER, U.S. CAMPAIGN TO END THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION: There is clearly a partisan divide here and I think it is much bigger than people at the top of the U.S.-Israel relationship. This is not just about Barack Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, this is about a conflict between values that Americans hold dear, and the values that Benjamin Netanyahu represents. What we have today at the base of the Democratic Party is the younger minority demographics. All of which are turning away from the values that Israel is presenting to the world, which is this exclusivist, status quo, very conservative on their situation and world view.

This is something which jives very much with the base of the Republican Party. Which is very much xenophobic and nativist and at many times racist.

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