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Netanyahu: You Can't Expect Me To Accept Terms That Would Threaten Israel's Survival After I Just Won An Election

MEGYN KELLY, KELLY FILE: [President Obama]'s now reportedly saying that he see no path to a peace agreement and is threatening to abandon Israel at the United Nations which would reverse decades of history. What would that mean for Israel?

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL: Well, I hope that's not true. And I think President Obama has set time and time again. As I've said that the only path to a peace agreement is an agreement, a negotiated agreement. You can't impose it.

In any case, you have to get the international community to press on the Palestinians to go back, to go back on their unity pack with the terrorist Hamas and come back to the table. I think that you can't force the people of Israel to just elect me by a wide margin to bring them peace and security. To secure the state of Israel, to accept terms that would endanger the very survival of the State of Israel. I don't think that's the direction of American policy. I hope it's not.

And I look forward to working with President Obama to see how he could advance our interest, our common interest in the most difficult circumstances in the world, in the most dangerous region in the world. And what I said before six years ago about the conditions necessary for achieving peace is ten times more relevant today when the entire Middle East is being swept by these radical Islamic terrorist forces backed by Iran. We need to talk together and see how we can work together to advance security and peace.

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