NBC White House Correspondent: Obama Told Netanyahu He Did Not Like The Way He Talked About Arab Voters


PETER ALEXANDER, NBC NEWS: The White House has said basically it is now re-evaluating its policy as it relates to Israel and the situation in the Middle East right now. About the call specifically, what more can you tell us about this conversation between the two leaders?

KRISTEN WELKER, NBC WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, as you pointed out at the top, Peter, this phone call took place two days after the election. The White House still fuming about those comments by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he seemed to reverse his position on a two-state solution. And as you say, he tried to walk those comments back but the White House not buying it and President Obama essentially told him as much, saying that his administration is re-evaluating and reassessing its options. So some strong language there.

The president also voicing his displeasure with Netanyahu's comments about Arab voters, the day before voters went to the polls, and saying that he is committed to these talks with Iran, which of course Prime Minister Netanyahu came to the United States to tell Congress he was opposed to. So the president congratulating Netanyahu based on the official readout but clearly the relations between the two leaders are still strained. In fact, analysts who follow this say this is the lowest point in their relationship. Also important to underscore though the relationship between the United States and Israel if you talk to senior administration officials is still strong. The United States hasn't pulled back on aid. But a lot of questions on how these two leaders are going to move forward.

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