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Krauthammer: "If Only Obama Would Address As Warmly The Israelis As He Does The Iranians And Their Leaders"

MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Right before we came to air; President Obama released a video address directly to the Iranian people. Here’s part of it.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The days and weeks ahead will be critical. Our negotiations have made progress, but gaps were made. And there are people in both our countries and beyond who oppose a diplomatic resolution. My message to you, the people of Iran, is that together we have to speak up for the future we seek.

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KELLY: What do you make of that?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, this is unusual in American history; a president addressing a serious adversary, enemy of the U.S. Where the leader leads chants of "death to America," and in the midst of it he takes a swipe at our most loyal ally in the region.

Obviously he wasn't referring to Israel.

If only he would address as warmly the Israelis as he does the Iranians and their leaders. There is quite remarkable. And, look, it's not new to have a new year's greeting. He did that in 2009 and ever since. There is nothing wrong with that. But to include this kind of swipe in Israel and addressing the Ayatollahs is really rather new and quite startling.

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