Noam Chomsky: Obama's Drone Assassination Program Is "The Most Extensive Global Terrorism Campaign The World Has Yet Seen"


Only weeks after the President of the United States hosted a summit on how to combat "violent extremism" around the world, MIT linguist and prominent political philosopher Noam Chomsky reminds TV Brazilia that Obama's illegal drone assassination campaign is not only the biggest source of recruits for islamic extremism worldwide, but that the drone campaign itself is "the most extensive global terrorism campaign the world has yet seen." Imagine what the people of Brazil think of us.

NOAM CHOMSKY: On international affairs, Obama's major step --contribution if you like-- was to launch the most extensive global terrorism campaign the world has yet seen. This is the drone assassination campaign, which officially is aimed at killing people who the administration believes might someday intend to harm the U.S., and killing anyone else who happens to be nearby.

There has been really nothing like that in the past. This is quite an innovation in the history of international terrorism. It is also a terrorism generating campaign --that is well understood by people in high places. When you murder somebody in a Yemen village, and maybe a couple of other people who are standing there, the chances are pretty high that others will want to take revenge.

And that dynamic has been carried out quite effectively if you look at the history of what the west calls "terrorism" --jihadi style terrorism-- it-- 15 years ago it was localized in a small corner of Northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan, the tribal areas. Now it is all over the world. Every part of the world practically has had some major so-called terrorist campaigns going on. That is a natural development, it is what you expect from assassinating people in the tribal areas, which are already pressed very hard by their central government policies.

Otherwise in international affairs there is nothing much to talk about [for Obama].

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