This Week On The Hill: New Budgets Arrive, Loretta Lynch On Hold, Dempsey & Carter Testimony


RCP Congressional correspondent James Arkin breaks down everything we're following on Capitol Hill this week.

Budget time: Both chambers will release their proposals for the FY2016 budget this week, setting off a sprint to vote on them by the end of March -- even more rushed because at the end of next week, Congress takes a two-week Easter recess.

Sex Trafficking: Disagreements surrounding language about abortion is threatening to derail a Senate bill on Sex Trafficking which used to have broad bipartisan support.

Loretta Lynch: That disagreement is threatening to delay the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General even longer -- McConnell says he won't move forward with the nomination until the Sex Trafficking bill is finished. Democrats are furious that she has had to wait this long.

House Armed Services Committee: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter will testify Wednesday morning about the Obama administration's AUMF proposal against Islamic State militias in Iraq & Syria. They were in the Senate last week.

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