Fournier on Hillary Clinton: James Carville "Sold Her Out"


Ron Fournier of National Journal said James Carville "sold out" Hillary Clinton in his appearance on Sunday's broadcast of ABC's This Week. Carville said the reason why Hillary Clinton set up a private e-mail account and server was because "she didn't want [Congressman] Louis Gohmert rifling through her e-mails."

"Seems to me to be a kind of reasonable position for someone to take," Carville added.

On FOX News' Special Report Monday night, Fournier said Carville "gave up the goods" on Clinton and "sold her out."

Earlier today on MSNBC, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell said, "with friends like that you don't need Ken Starr."

RON FOURNIER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: What I really want to see in the e-mails, is any e-mail that mentions the [Clinton] Foundation and one of the donors. I just got to say, Steve, I am really proud of you for giving James Carville such a pass. Because what Carville did was give up the goods. What he admitted there was that this was not a matter of convenience, which is what the secretary said. He admitted that the reason she did this was so she didn't have to comply with the oversight of the House and with the natural laws of transparency. He gave up the goods. He sold her out.

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