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Psaki Won't Say If Clinton Signed Separation Agreement

The form, OF-109, asks outgoing agency employees to affirm that they turned over all classified and official documents in their possession when leaving their jobs at State. “I don’t have an update on this, Matt,” State Dept. Spokesperson Jen Psaki said. “We’re still working on it. I understand.”

MATT LEE, AP: Last week, I think a couple times you were asked about whether the department has a record of Secretary Clinton signing the separation form.

JEN PSAKI: I don’t have an update on this, Matt. We’re still working on it. I understand.

MATT LEE: There has to be a human resources department, they presumably have a file on every employee at the State Dept. It can’t be that difficult.

JEN PSAKI: I don't think former secretaries are standard employees.

MATT LEE: They might not be but how hard could it be? How hard can it be to find out whether she did or not?

JEN PSAKI: I understand why you’re asking. We’re looking to get an answer. I don’t have an answer today.

MATT LEE: Do you know -- where are these forms after they are signed? Where do they go?

JEN PSAKI: Where in the building do they go?

MATT LEE: If I asked for one from someone else.

JEN PSAKI: I'm not sure how many forms we'd be willing to give you access to. Hahaha.

We keep records. I don't have an update on this particular question today. We keep records, yes...

MATT LEE: So if someone had signed one of these forms it would be on file somewhere?

JEN PSAKI: We do keep records, yes, it would be on file.

MATT LEE: Then I can’t understand why-- whatever.

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