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Krauthammer on Hillary's Emails: "Why The State Department Of Obama Would Conspire In This Is A Puzzle"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It's the 1990s all over again. This is what they, the Clintons, did on every scandal, every issue, every embarrassment in the 90's. They dragged it out. And when you drag it out long enough, I mean you lie directly to the American people on the Lewinsky scandal. But you drag it out, you stonewall, you accuse her of being a stalker and six months later when you confess, as the president did, it's already old news and you get away with it. That's been their modus operandi. Now, why the State Department of Obama would conspire in this is a puzzle. I don't understand. It's not in their interest. But eventually they are going to have to say one way or the other and their stonewall is not going to work.

The reason why it has got legs is this: Normally a scandal depends on the interest of the public which in and of itself is a reflection of the interest of the media. The media would not necessarily go after a Democrat or a leading one like a Clinton on its own. but here there is something different. You can have lawsuits brought by Judicial Watch, which is an enemy that has revealed a lot of this stuff already earlier. You can have a lawsuit that was filed last week by the Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). You can have three separate committees of Congress issuing subpoenas. So those are going to keep the story going. It may not be a story every day going on from now on in the median term, but it will not go away. It will keep popping up as these subpoenas and lawsuits go public and get to a crisis between now and election day and that's why she can't dodge it.

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