Dem Sen. Kaine on Iran: "Unrealistic To Think Congress Is Not Going To Be Involved In Final Deal"


SEN. TIM KAINE (D-VA): Chuck, I'm a proud cosponsor to the legislation. And look, the White House is frustrated with Congress because Congress has taken action in the last few weeks, showing an unacceptable level of contempt for the office of the president. However, let's be realistic here. The deal that is being negotiated with Iran is about what will Iran do to get out from other congressional sanctions.

And so it is unrealistic to think that Congress is not going to be involved in looking at a final deal. I am a pro-diplomacy senator. And I supported the negotiations to this point. But any deal that touches upon the congressional statutory sanctions is going to get a review of Congress. And the only question is, are you going to have a constructive, deliberate, bipartisan process, or are you going to be rushed and partisan? We've seen the wrong way to go about it last week. I hope we will approach it in the careful and deliberative bipartisan way.

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