FP's Yochi Dreazen: Gulf States Fear An Iran With "Hegemonic Influence"


YOCHI DREAZEN, FOREIGN POLICY MAGAZINE: The [leaders of] the Gulf Nations, many of them could have given the same speech that Netanyahu gave when he spoke to Congress last week, he was not speaking only for Israel, many of the Gulf Nations have the same fear, not just about a nuclear Iran, but one that now has a hegemonic influence, and may meddle freely, as Netanyahu said, in Lebanon and Gaza and other parts of the middle east, and there's no question that these countries -- Israel and the Gulf States -- are very nervous.

There's an unspoken part of that question also, functionally Iran is our ally, weirdly, in the fight against the Islamic State, which is a whole other level of complexity. They are doing what we say we went. They are sending in ground troops, they are fighting, in many ways leading the fight in Tikrit. So, we don't want to admit it but they are our allies and they are doing more than we are willing to do.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: But the question is, in the long run, is that a good thing?

MARA LIASSON: I don't know whether it is good or bad -- it is worrisome to our allies but this is what the Iraq war got us. We got a pro-Iranian regime in Iraq. That's not what George W. Bush had in mind. But that is what he got.

BRET BAIER: How about: This is what the end of the Iraq war -- pulling those troops out because a deal wasn't signed.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: In 2009 during the surge the Malaki government went to war against the same Shi'ite militias that are now attacking Tikrit that killed so many Americans. And defeated them utterly. At the end of the surge it was handed over to the new president -- Obama -- and Iraq was not an ally or a lackey of Iran, the withdrawal is what caused the complete change of allegiances, the vacuum of power that Obama created -- so it is simply not true that it is the result of the Iraq war, it is the result of the liquidation of the war and of our influence in the region.

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