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State Dept's Psaki Won't Say If Hillary Signed OF-109 Separation Agreement: "I Don't Have An Update On That"

At Thursday's State Department briefing, spokeswoman Jen Psaki would not confirm if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed form OF-109. The form is a separation agreement that declares you have handed over classified material and other official documents.

QUESTION: Right, but did Secretary Clinton – a former DOJ attorney has asked if – under department policy, asked if Secretary Clinton, like all officials here in this building when they depart or separate from office, has to sign something called a form OF-109. It’s a separation statement declaring that when you leave office, you’re turning in – turn over not just classified materials, but any documents for official purposes. Did she sign --

JEN PSAKI, STATE DEPARTMENT: Sure. I think this was asked – it was more than two years ago. I don’t have an update on that specific question at this point.

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