Gibbs on Hillary: "Waiting Eight Days To Say What She Said Yesterday Was Startling To Democrats"


CHRIS MATTHEWS, HARDBALL: Robert Gibbs, what do you make of the way that the Clintons are handling this, Hillary Clinton in particular and her people? She seems to be good at answering the questions of last week but never quite prepared for next week's questions. I mean, she doesn't make herself available for the surprise question.

ROBERT GIBBS, FMR. OBAMA WH PRESS SECRETARY: I will say waiting eight days to say what they said yesterday was startling to Democrats. I doubt there was anything said yesterday that couldn't have been said last Wednesday or Thursday or Friday and put a little bit of this story to bed a lot earlier. I think not having the apparatus of a campaign, even though everybody on the planet knows she's a candidate for president, I think hurt her in this instance and I think they also didn't understand who the stakeholders were in this and that is the media. The media was vested rightly, I think, in asking serious questions and they had surrogates on TV actually making it seem as if it was Republicans pushing these questions and I think in many ways that emboldens the media.

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