Ron Fournier to Hillary: "You Can't Demagogue The Media And Blame The Republicans Your Way Out Of This"


RON FOURNIER: I told [Howard Dean], it'd be a heck of a a lot easier for you to convince Hillary Clinton to do the right thing then to try to influence what I write. What I mean by that is she can't solve this by words... You can't spin your way out of this, you can't intimidate your way out of this. You can't demagogue the media and blame the Republicans your way out of this. This was a problem she created, and I have a lot of respect for the Secretary, it is a problem she can solve...

I really thought that we were getting away from the bigger story, which is the idea that the Clinton Foundation has taken foreign money and corporate money. Like you, I was raised in the Watergate era, you had Bob Woodward earlier -- follow the money. Doing some reporting on it, and talking to people very close to the Clintons, and they were saying, that's what you've got to follow. The money.

There's a lot of whispers of pay-to-play here, there are a lot of stories alluding to that.

And then I realized, for us, the American people to be able to follow the money, we've got to see those emails, she has to turn over the server. It dawned on me this weekend that these two stories are connected, and they are not connected because Republicans have connected them, or Mika and Joe have or I have, it is because of Hillary Clinton's actions, and only her actions can disconnect them, release the server that has all of the emails on it that's our server -- not hers, and have the Foundation return all foreign donations.

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