Krauthammer: Hillary Email Controversy Raises Question "Do You Want To Have This Baggage Around For Next 4 or 8 Years?"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Disclose everything. This whole scandal is about non-disclosure. It's about hiding e-mails. It's about having your own server so you have your own lawyers protecting it. It's about having this money flow in from the outside world while she is secretary of state and now knowing that she might be the president which obviously is a kind of corruption. And yet I sort of admire Bill. He has the traditional, in his own life, this characteristic chutzpah where just say, 'Yeah, I did it. It's perfectly okay.'

Look, I think the damage here, it could be horrible if there is actually stuff in the e-mails. But imagine that there isn't any. The damage is already done precisely because it revives the memories of the Clintons in the '90s especially with Saturday Night Live with a young audience telling them for the first time that this is who the Clintons are.

Anybody who remembers the '90s knows how they parsed and they skimmed and they reinterpreted words. It could be that it was illegal, what you did, it could be that it wasn't or that it was skirting the rules or it wasn't. But the point is that it raises the question, do you want to have this baggage around for the next four years or eight years? And that's where I think the damage is done reminding people of how they conducted themselves in the past and telling them in that sense they are utterly incorrigible.

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