Axelrod on Private Hillary Emails: She Has "Given Oxygen To The Story" By Not Coming Out And Answering Questions


DAVID AXELROD: The road to the presidency and the campaigns are pock-marked with defining events that turn out to be defining events, so no one can judge at this moment what the long-term impact of this will be.

But there is no doubt that she's given Oxygen to the story by not just coming out and forthrightly saying this is why we did it, and this is how these e-mails were secured, and answering the questions. So as to kind of get past this. And there is a tendency, and you heard James kind of -- he represents a philosophy here, having been through a lot of this, and you kind of bogart your way through it. You play rope-a-dope and let your opponent punch themselves out and then it passes. But that makes people nervous, because the presumption is that she will be the nominee, and those who support her want her to be a strong nominee, this is an ongoing concern.

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