Mark Halperin: I Don't Think Hillary Is The Front-Runner Anymore


MARK HALPERIN: I said a few weeks ago on this show that she was easily the most likely president of the United States; I now think -- not only because this is a symptom and a cause, I now think she is not only not easilythe most likely, I don't think she is the most likely.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULIS: That is a big shift.

HALPERIN: Because of what this says as a symptom, not as a cause, as a symptom. What she is doing here, in terms of lack of response, lack of a sense of what people think of her, and combined with what I thought was a weak performance at her EMILY's list speech the other day. Her husband can get through these things because he is a politician of a lifetime. She can not. If this is the way she's going to run her operation, if this is the mindset she's going to have, I don't think she is going to be president.

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