Krauthammer: Hillary Can't Hold A Presser Because "She Is A Clinton And The Clintons Never Clear The Air"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: In the mid-90s, William Safire, the dean of columnists, of the New York Times, had a famous column which was about Hillary in which he called her a congenital liar. He later sort of retracted that and said, no, it wasn't genetic, it was acquired. But she was sort of inveterate liar. This is not a new story, and that is the reason why the Democrats are so dismayed. This is sort of, you know, the replay of the game of the 1990s.

And the reason that she can't do a Christie, Chuck, and do a two-hour press conference were she clears the air is two reasons. Number one, she's a Clinton. And what the Clintons do is never clear the air, they spend the first month or two [using] surrogates, the machine, attacking the accusers, as in the Lewinsky scandal. And then later, if you have to confess, if you're caught red-handed, you admit it.

The second reason is if she has a press conference, she will be asked, 'You turned over 55,000 e-mails. How many are left on your server?' She'll either say I don't know or I'll get back to you and then she is going to have to answer why don't you turn them over, to which there is no answer. I suppose the answer is because I want to hide them, I want to sift them, I want to make sure the ones that are incriminating are kept back. She can't do it because the answers to the questions, if remotely honest, are self-indicting.

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