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Judge Napolitano on Hillary Email Scandal: "Grave For Her Political Future," Facing Time In Prison

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, FOX NEWS: The other problem that she faces is far more serious, and that is, a conspiracy to deflect documents, to conceal documents from government computers, by keeping them from the government computers. That exposes her to three years in jail, per document. And a conviction exposes her to disqualification from holding office in the future, under the United States of America...

You just ran a clip of Greta [van Susteren] interviewing Congressman [Trey] Gowdy. He's right, when you subpoena you don't know if you get everything. Unless you send the FBI a search warrant as they did to General Petraeus you won't know if you get everything. The flip side of this is, unless somebody prosecutes Mrs. Clinton, these legal matters are hypothetical only. If somebody prosecutes her, they are grave for her political future.

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