Harf: "Not Pertinent" To Know If Contents Of Hillary's Emails Had Classified Material


QUESTION: And then one follow-up question from yesterday: Do you have anything further on whether there’s going to be a comprehensive review of the contents of these emails or how it is that you’ve reached the, I guess, decision that there was no classified information included?

MS. HARF: Well, obviously – and part of this is coming up because 300 of her emails were provided to the select committee, so somebody obviously had to go through all 55,000 pages and determine if there was anything that was deemed responsive to the select committee’s request. So that process for that request was undertaken. If other requests come in the future, they will be gone through as well, to see if there’s anything responsive and appropriate to be provided. She and her team has said that it was not used for anything but unclassified work. We don’t undergo scans of everyone’s unclassified email to make sure they’re only doing unclassified work, so I don’t think there was any indication she was doing anything but here, so I don’t think it’s really a pertinent question.

QUESTION: (Inaudible) claim definitively that there was nothing classified in there because --

MS. HARF: You can’t claim that about anyone’s unclassified email.

QUESTION: Right. But --

MS. HARF: So I’m not sure why this would be anything different. She has said she – her team has said she only did – I don’t know why this would be held to a different standard.

QUESTION: It’s different because it’s a cabinet member using an unclassified email, and most people --

MS. HARF: But we all use unclassified emails. Would it be different if she --

QUESTION: No, most people use – most of their work is on a work email.

MS. HARF: But on the work email, that’s not scanned for classified information either, Brad. If she had had a state.gov email, there wouldn’t have been a classification review to make sure everything on that email was unclassified.

QUESTION: Understand, but it would have --

MS. HARF: Right.

QUESTION: -- the security in place to handle classified material, as opposed --

MS. HARF: Absolutely not. That is patently false. An unclassified email system at the State Department does not have security to handle classified information.

QUESTION: We weren’t talking about an unclassified – she would have a classified capacity in her email.

MS. HARF: Which is a complete – no, no, no.


MS. HARF: The classified (inaudible) even in state.gov – no, no, wait. This is --

QUESTION: We’re splitting hairs here.

MS. HARF: No, we’re not. We are actually not. I have both; I can tell you. They are two separate work machines, they are two separate systems.


MS. HARF: Anyone can have a – people who have unclassified emails here, those aren’t scanned for classified information, and they are not set up, from a security perspective, to handle classified information. They are not.

QUESTION: But you were saying she did not have a classified or unclassified email at the State Department. Is that correct?

MS. HARF: Yes, so – yes.

QUESTION: So presumably, if she had done her business at the State Department, she could’ve used a classified email system. No?

MS. HARF: She had – as – I mean, she --

QUESTION: I mean, that would’ve been available to her.

MS. HARF: In theory, but she had other ways of communicating through classified email through her assistants or her staff with people when she needed to use a classified setting. What I was saying is our unclassified email systems at the State Department are not the same system as the classified, and they are not equipped from a security perspective to handle classified information, even if they’re a state.gov account on the unclass system. So I’m just – we all use unclass systems, they don’t have classified on them.


MS. HARF: I’m not --

QUESTION: Her question wasn’t pertinent to unclassified email at State.

MS. HARF: Her – was not pertinent? I’m sorry. I think we’re --

QUESTION: Let’s move on.

MS. HARF: -- tying each other up in knots.

QUESTION: Let’s move on.

MS. HARF: I will answer the question. I’m just not sure we --


MS. HARF: Did I get – sorry, let’s stay with --

QUESTION: I think that that got to it, but I’m still a little unclear --

MS. HARF: As to what?

QUESTION: Maybe we can – someone else can ask a question and we can get back to me.

MS. HARF: Okay. If there are things that are unclear, I’m happy to try to address them.

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