Halperin to Brock: You Once Said The Clintons Have "An Elaborate Damage-Control Operation"


On Wednesday's broadcast of Bloomberg TV's With All Due Respect, co-host Mark Halperin used David Brock's own words about the Clinton's "elaborate damage-control operation" against him.

In January 1994, when Brock was a conservative, he wrote an article for the The American Spectator which detailed then-President Bill Clinton's indiscretions and how the Clinton machine was successful at damage control.

"Clinton had an elaborate damage-control operation that was reminiscent of John Kennedy's - and for a very good reason: For at least a decade, Clinton has been prone to extramarital affairs, often more than one at a time, and to numerous one-night stands," Brock wrote.

When Halperin read him back the quote, Brock said he did not know when he said that.

MARK HALPERIN, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: Let me read you a quote. Someone once described the Clintons as having "an elaborate damage-control operation reminiscent like John Kennedy's." That was you. Do they still have that?

[David Brock laughs]

DAVID BROCK, MEDIA MATTERS: I don't know when I said that.

HALPERIN: Do they still have that? Do the Clintons still have such a thing?

BROCK: I don't know when I said that, but they don't have it now.

HALPERIN: But you suggest they don't have an elaborate damage control operation?

BROCK: Not that I know of, no.

HALPERIN: Really, I consider you sort of that.

BROCK: Well you may but we consider ourselves correcting the record and putting the facts out for the public to make up their own mind.

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