Earnest Asked If White House Knew Hillary Had Own Server: "I Don't Know The Answer To That"


ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: Okay. And specifically, did the White House know that Secretary Clinton had her own server?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: I don't know the answer to that. As I mentioned earlier, I think the extent of knowledge about Secretary Clinton’s email was her email address. And she used that email address that, as we all now know, was not at state.gov, but that she was in -- but that she was emailing White House officials -- that's something that I acknowledged from the beginning and it shouldn’t be a particular surprise that the Secretary of State is emailing senior White House officials -- the expectation at the White House, as was the case for every other Cabinet agency, is that she and her team are in compliance with the Federal Records Act.

HENRY: So you're acknowledging for four years she did not use a State Department account and, to Major’s question, every senior official here at the White House just deferred and said, that's okay.

MR. EARNEST: Every senior official here at the White House was interested in making sure that Secretary Clinton and every other employee in the Obama administration was acting in compliance and consistent with the Federal Records Act. And based on the fact that Secretary Clinton’s team has turned over those emails, forwarded them to the State Department so they could be properly preserved and maintained is consistent with the Federal Records Act. And we know that those records, hundreds of them, have already been used to respond to a congressional inquiry.

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