David Brock: "Do You Think The White House Didn't Know That Clinton Was Using Personal Email?"


Media Matters founder and Clinton surrogate David Brock appeared on Bloomberg TV's With All Due Respect to defend former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account during her stint at the State Department. Host Mark Halperin grilled Brock on what the show has dubbed "Emailgate."

Brock claimed Clinton released 9 out of 10 emails, which he said is enough to clear her from wrongdoing.

"They say it's 9 out of 10. Plus, how do we know what's in the 1 out of 10 that wasn't [released]? You're saying we should just trust her, is that right?" Halperin asked.

"No, you can speculate all night about what may have gone on here. All we know is that you're not right that the law said that she needed to do this through government accounts. That's not correct," Brock answered.

"That's what Jay Carney the White House spokesman for her boss said," Halperin rebutted.

"Well, if that's what he said, I don't have that quote in front of me but that's not right," Brock claimed.

"In 2011, Jay Carney said, 'the U.S. government police, all of our work is conducted on work email accounts,'" Halperin said to Brock.

"Well, that wasn't the case, I guess," Brock responded. "Look, do you think the White House didn't know that Secretary Clinton was using personal email?"

"I don't know and neither do you," Halperin said.

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