Krauthammer: Netanyahu Showed He Would Have Support Of Congress If Israel Attacked Iran


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The second thing he said was that at the end, and I think you can understand why he came. He said, if we have to, we will act alone. Meaning, he's telling the Congress, if this deal is enacted or if it begins to go through, we reserve the right to attack Iran on our own. And I think what he did here, is he tried to show the world that he would have the support of the Congress if that happened because we know the administration has been discouraging that, arguing against it in some way, sabotaging the very idea of an Israeli attack. But I think what he did, he got standing ovation when he said Israel would act alone. I think what he was saying is I came here to show the world that we might have to act, and if we do, we want the support to the Congress and he wanted to show the world that he did. Those were two very important elements.

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