State Department's Marie Harf: "Most Experts" Agree We Have "Halted Iran's Nuclear Program"


THOMAS ROBERTS, MSNBC: Marie, as senior leadership, Dianne Feinstein will attend, and be there for the speech that Netanyahu will make. But as we talk about the financial commitment of a taxpayer, we have $3.1 billion in foreign funding for Israel in the next fiscal year. So, we're not just family, we are vested financially in their protection. So explain to everybody what this means for the family of the U.S. and Israel relationship to be playing out in such a dramatic way?

MARIE HARF, U.S. STATE DEPT. DEPUTY SPOKESPERSON: That relationship, that security relationship and our relationship on a whole other range of issues will continue, absolutely. That is a core part of our foreign policy, but I do think it's worth reminding people, in advance of the speech tomorrow, prime minister Netanyahu was opposed to the first step agreement, called it a "historic deal for Iran."

Most experts if not all experts agree it is halted Iran's nuclear program and made Israel safer because it's done that. And it's addressed three of Prime Minister Netanyahu's very own red lines.

We need to be careful as we continue to negotiate an agreement behind closed doors but cherry picked details that could be taken out of context or factually wrong in this debate from anyone over the coming days. We're seeing if we can get this done and working hard to do that.

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