Earnest: Israel's "Cherry-Picking" of Facts "Radically Distorts" U.S. Negotiations With Iran


CHRIS JANSING, NBC NEWS: On the plane ride here with Benajmin Netanyahu, some reporters have said that aides said he has certain details of the talks with Iran, and he will use that information to share his concerns with Congress, and today, in Geneva, Sec. Kerry said the U.S. is concerned by those reports that selective details of the talks-- negotiations-- could be revealed.

Was that a warning to Benjamin Netanyahu, how concerned is the administration about that?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: On several occasions I have said from here that we are concerned by the way some unnamed officials in the Israeli government -- at least that is the way they appear in these media reports. The way they have used information shared by the United States or other sources to try to cherry pick some facts from those negotiations in a way that radically distorts the negotiating position of the U.S. and our international partners. That is counter productive and certainly not something we are appreciative of, to put it mildly.

Those reports come just a week or two --the recent comments of the Israeli official on the plane -- after Israeli officials were also complaining in the media that they weren't kept in the loop. That may raise some questions about the credibility of these sources.

The fact is, as I said at the time, the U.S. has been providing our Israeli allies regular classified briefings to give them the proper context about the progress we are making in these classified negotiations.

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