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Mia Love: Like Martin Luther King, I Refuse To "Fit This Mold Society Says I Need To"

Rep. Mia Love spoke on a panel discussion at CPAC about engaging young people Thursday morning.

REP. MIA LOVE (R-UTAH): I'll end with this because this story actually sums it all up. I was given the opportunity to go to the University of Chicago to speak to some black aspiring attorneys, and I was told I shouldn't go because these people love Barack Obama and would hate me and eat me alive.

And I thought, well if I can't speak to them there is not point doing any of this. So I went and told them my story, where I was from, about my parents' story, and one lady said: "I don't understand how you can be a black female from Utah/LDS Republican, living in today's America. It makes no sense."

I said it is because I refuse to fit this mold that society says I need to fit into. Imagine if people like Martin Luther King decided to take that government said he was a second-class citizen. We wouldn't be here today.

Via Right Wing Watch on YouTube: "Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Mia Love tells CPAC that she has succeeded because, just like MLK, she has refused to fit into society's mold."

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