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Gutfeld: Bill Nye "The Denial Guy" For Comments on Anti-Semitism In Europe

Greg Gutfeld reacts to Bill Nye's solution for European Jews scared about their future on last Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher. Nye suggested Jews should "get to know" their neighbors better.

On Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's invitation for scared Jews to "come home" to Israel, Nye said that Israel is "not their home."

"So, the cure for anti-Semitism is for Jews to get to know their neighbors?" Gutfeld asked. "Maybe bring them some matzo ball soup?"

"Like a polar bear, Mr. Nye, you can see it with your own eyes. Kinda hard to ignore that roiling climate. I'd say such dismissal of anti-Semitism is anti-Semitic, but you'd just deny that too," Gutfeld said.

"Bill Nye 'The Denial Guy' has a nice ring to it," Gutfeld said.

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