Mark Levin: We Should Have Attacked Iran Instead of Iraq


MARK LEVIN: I'm going to tell you something that I've only told family and my closest friends, and I've held off from telling you for many, many years because when we've had men and women in the theater fighting in Iraq I believe they should have gotten our complete support. And I believed in what they were trying to do, very much so.

But here's what I haven't said: I believed we attack the wrong country -- Mr. Producer, I don't think you've ever heard me say this -- we should have attacked Iran. Iran is spreading terrorism. Iran has global designs. Iran is responsible for the murder of American citizen and American soldiers. Not that I was opposed in anyway to taking out Saddam Hussein, I wasn't. Not under the guise of this democracy project, which I always thought was nutty, but because he was a horribly evil man doing horribly evil things.

But in terms of geopolitics and national security, I feel we attacked the wrong country. I feel we should have attacked Iran. And I said this several years ago to family members, not even to Mr. Producer. I was never going to get on this microphone and start aiding and abetting the enemy and undermining our men and women in uniform. And as I said, I believe their cause was just, and nobody should misinterpret what I am saying. But Iran is and was the greatest threat. (Mark Levin Show, February 24, 2015)

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