Earnest: "Certainly Is Possible" Obama Will Approve Keystone Pipeline


At Tuesday's White House press briefing, Josh Earnest said it "certainly is possible" that President Obama approves the Keystone XL pipeline, but only after the State Department concludes their review.

KEVIN CORKE, FOX NEWS WH CORRESPONDENT: I want to take you back to Keystone for a moment. Is there anyway in your mind, if the process plays out -- you've made the point that this is sort of circumvented long-standing processes. If they were to play out, in your mind is there anyway that the president signs off on the Keystone XL?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: That possibility still does exist. This is an ongoing review that's being conducted by the State Department. They're going to evaluate the impact this project would have on the country. They're going to have the opportunity to evaluate the impact that this project would have on contributing to climate change.

It's certainly is possible. The president will keep an open mind as the State Department considers the wide-range impacts that this pipeline could have on the country, both positive and negative, and so we'll see what happens once the State Department has completed their, what's called the national interest determination which essentially is a report evaluating whether or not the completion of this infrastructure project would be in the best interest of the United States of America.

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