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Al Roker: Extreme Weather This Winter Made Possible By Climate Change

Larry King Live: "In an in-depth interview with Larry in New York, America's most trusted weatherman says he thinks the extreme Winter weather in the northeast this season has been fueled by climate change."

AL ROKER: Boston, as of this point, is at the #2 snowiest winter ever.

LARRY KING: Is this all part of climate change?

AL ROKER: I think it is. Look, you can't point to any one event and say this is climate change, but what climate change opens the door for and allows for is -- more extreme swings of weather. So, while you've got this ongoing drought out in California, you know there has been almost no snow pack -- snowfall -- in the Sierras, and it barely has rained. Yet you've go monumental forest fires, wildfires.

Here in the East you've got brutal cold, yet globally, January was the warmest month on record. All these swings that are happening, climate change makes that more possible.

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