Tom Bevan: Hillary Is Better Off Than In 2008, But Vulnerable


RCP co-founder Tom Bevan explains what Hillary Clinton needs to do to win the Democratic presidential primary and the difficulties she faces trying to seem like an outsider while also being the "inevitable" establishment favorite.

On the revelation that the Clinton Foundation takes millions of dollars from foreign governments, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, known sponsors of terrorism:

JON SCOTT, FOX NEWS: It is the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. How much longer can she continue to accept through the foundations from donations from foreign governments?

TOM BEVAN, REALCLEARPOLITICS: We’ll have to see. I agree it is a problem and it raises all sorts of questions of conflict of interest, and it goes to one of Clinton’s vulnerabilities, which is that she and her husband went through this whole thing of how they were dead broke, and they are fund-raising machines, and so in addition to the speeches and the money she has made. That is not something they want out there, as Robert Gibbs said, slow-rolling headline after headline over a period of time, so I think they will deal with it.

I don't suspect they will do it much longer…

You don't want to be running for president with even the appearance of conflict of interest, and if Hillary Clinton will rebrand herself and separate herself from Wall Street and all that and try to present herself as a woman of the people and champion of the middle-class, this will not help her and I think they will ditch it.

Is Hillary Clinton the “Inevitable” Candidate?

TOM BEVAN: This is discussion is so 2007. She’s been inevitable forever. When you talk about the Democratic primary, she’s in a better position this time than she was. She is not facing very stiff competition outside of Elizabeth Warren who is an activist in the party and there is a lot of energy there.

It would be inconceivable that a Martin O’Malley or even Joe Biden could upset her in the primary. That being said, I think her support among Democrats is a bit soft around the edges. A lot of the energy is with –to the left side of the party-- with the Elizabeth Warren types…

[Hillary] is in a great position, better than she was in 2008. But we do see stories about folks and activists in Iowa and New Hampshire, these early states, that are not thrilled with Hillary Clinton. They are thrilled with Elizabeth Warren. If Elizabeth Warren got in the race I think we would see the numbers shift dramatically, but outside of Elizabeth Warren, I don't think there is anybody in the party. The Democrats have an exceedingly weak bench at the moment.

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