Former NBC Miami Bureau Chief Backs Up O'Reilly: "Very Intense Situation," "Extremely Violent And Volatile" In Buenos Aires


Don Browne, former Miami bureau chief for NBC News, appeared on Monday's broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor to defend Bill O'Reilly and back up his story about violence in Buenos Aires following Argentina's surrender in the Falklands War.

Browne said it was a "very intense situation" and "extremely violent and volatile."

"You call it a riot," Browne said to O'Reilly. "It was a very intense situation where people got hurt and it was a very serious confrontation, and it was a defining moment, when the populace really turned on the military."

"Any situation like that, where you bring that kind of intensity together in a protest where the police and, in this case the military, are reacting aggressively, it’s a dangerous cocktail," Browne also said.

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