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Dan Rather's 1982 Report on Unrest in Buenos Aires: "Thousands Of Demonstrators," TV Crew "Knocked To The Ground"

On the June 15, 1982 broadcast of CBS Evening News, anchor Dan Rather reported following Argentina's surrender in the Falklands War there was civil unrest in Buenos Aires where there were "thousands of demonstrators."

"As word of the Argentine defeat leaked out in Buenos Aires, thousands of demonstrators began to gather outside the presidential palace," Rather reported.

"President [Leopoldo] Galtieri was scheduled to make a speech trying to explain the Falklands developments. But the demonstrators, as many as 5,000 of them, began screaming, 'traitor, traitor,' and, 'this is the end of the military dictatorship," Rather said on his newscast.

Rather reported that police came and teargassed the protestors.

"As the police moved in with clubs and teargas and dispersed the crowd," Rather said. "Some television crew members were knocked to the ground."

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