Sen. Amy Klobuchar On al-Shabaab Threat To Mall of America, DHS Pilot Program Reaching Out To Huge Somali Minority in Minneapolis


SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN): I used to be the chief prosecutor for Hennapin County so I've been involved in this for quite a while, not just as a U.S. senator. They tend to use the internet. We have not seen as much mosque recruitment as you might have seen in other places. They use the internet to go after young men. The parents often don't know it's happening.

That's why the answer has got to be from the community. We are proud of our Somali community in Minnesota. We have half the Somalis in the country in Minnesota. They have helped us with these cases.

There were actually 20 indictments against people participating in al-Shabaab, already nine convictions over the past two years, and some recent indictments involving those recruited to go fight with ISIS.

So we know this is a real problem in our community. But the Somalis in our community, they are serving in elected office, they are running businesses. They are part of a fabric of life in the community and also part of the solution.

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