George Will: The Clintons Have A "Complete Inability To Be Embarrassed"


JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS: Let's move on to the Democratic side because Hillary Clinton was in the news this past week when it was revealed that Clinton foundation has since 2001 collected some $2 billion in donations and that a large portion of that, even in the last couple of years, has come from foreign governments and foreign entities. Juan Williams is a little concerned about all of this. Let's listen what he said.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Politically this is potentially catastrophic move for Hillary Clinton. And, you know, evidence of a big blind spot if she thinks that she can continue to get away with it?

ROBERTS: So, George, do you think this is going to be a big problem for her in the fact that these stories about what do these people buy? What kind of -- with the -- do these people buy, with their tens of millions of dollars?

GEORGE WILL, FOX NEWS: It should be. The question is will it be. The richer the Clinton's get the more they resemble the Snopes, the rather low rent people from a Faulkner novel. But one of the great strengths of the Clinton's all along, particularly exemplified by Bill in the unpleasantness with Ms. Lewinsky was a complete inability to be embarrassed. And the operation of the Clinton Foundation with all of this as we say the appearance of perhaps quid pro quo corruption, all of this demonstrates that strength. I don't think they care.

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