Obama: Republicans Trying To "Bamboozle" Americans


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I think the shift in rhetoric that they are engaging it is good. If it actually leads them to take different actions. If it doesn't, then it is just spin. If it doesn't, if you're just try to repackage the same top-down economics and use the words middle-class attached to it, if you're just going to keep on cutting taxes at the top and not raise minimum wages for folks who are struggling, then it is just spin.

To try to bamboozle folks. And looking backwards is not the answer. We have to look forward. All of us, as Americans. As Democrats, we have to be the party that recognizes and responds to what Americans really face in the 21st century economy. Our brand of middle-class economics is very specific. We detail it. Here is what we are going to do. We can show you how it is going to help middle-class families and folks striving to get into the middle class.

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