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Chris Hayes: O'Reilly Calling Fight Against ISIS A Holy War "Exactly What ISIS Wants"

MSNBC host responded to Bill O'Reilly's declaration on Fox News on Tuesday that "The Holy War Is Here" between the West and Islam, ISIS and America.

CHRIS HAYES: The self-proclaimed caliph of the "Islamic State," Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, two very different men, are in agreement on one crucial point, there is a holy war being waged in the middle east...

For months, Fox News personalities have been attacking the president for not identifiying ISIS with, "radical Islam," fixating on that phrase. And for not using the phrase "Islamic terrorism..."

If the president's refusal to cast the enemy as purely Islamic makes the folks at FOX mad, his obviously true statement that during the Crusades, people did terrible things in the name of Christianity, that make them positively apoplectic...

The next step was anger at the president for referring to the 21 Coptic Christian Egyptians murdered by ISIS as "Egyptian citizens" instead of explicitly calling them Christians, though he did do that today...

And now we have reaqched the next and final step. We are now, according to one of the most influential figures on the American right in a holy war -- the holy war is here!

And that sort of rhetoric is, of course, exactly what ISIS wants. For if this is a holy war, they aren’t some murderous cult or some fringe Sunni militia. No, if it’s a holy war, then they are the representatives of Islam, which is why the president at today's summit on countering violent extremism was careful not to cast the fight on those terms.

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