"Morning Joe" Debate: Marie Harf Offered A "Mulligan" For "Can't Kill Our Way" Out Of ISIS Fight Comment


GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN: I know you started your show today quoting Marie Harf, who used to work for me down in the public relations shop at the CIA. And I think Marie might want to take a mulligan on how she said what she said.

Bottom line is this: unless you change the conditions on the ground, you've got to kill people forever. So in addition to supplying military force here, we've got to work with our friends in the area to very boldly take on some of the issues that create these problems.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Gen. Michael Hayden was our guest earlier this morning, and he said he expects he'd want a mulligan for those comments. What's your response?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: General Hayden said you all worked together, so that's a tough question from your former boss isn't it.

MARIE HARF, U.S. STATE DEPT: I’m not sure I would take a mulligan on this one, but I think he went on to say something I would agree with. That, look. In the short term — and I said this on Hardball — we are killing them and will continue killing ISIS terrorists that pose a threat to us. We’re very good at that. General Hayden can to speak to that better than anyone.

But in the longer term, and this isn’t specific to ISIS, military commanders, politicians of both parties, counterterrorism experts all agree that if you’re going to prevent terrorist groups from spreading to other places and getting more recruits, you have to look at root causes that can lead people to extremism. You have to do it all it. You have to take them on military, but you have to look at things like governance, like opportunity, so these groups aren’t able to get more people to their cause.

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