Cruz: Obama "An Apologist For Radical Islamic Terrorists"


MEGYN KELLY, KELLY FILE: You know what his argument is on this, which is there's no reason to admit that we're in a holy war because that gives the terrorists what they want. And he's worried about alienating those Muslim countries that right now are willing to stand up and fight ISIS. does it undermine our global effort of the coalition he's trying to build to pit the world against Islam? Even the radical form of Islam?

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): What undermines the global effort is for the president of the United States to be an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists, to analogize it to the Crusades from 700 years ago. You know, what would be far better to see is the kind of courage that was demonstrated just a few weeks ago by Egyptian President el-Sisi.

Now, President el-Sisi in Cairo gave a speech that was courageous when he called out the radical Islamic terrorists -- and President el-Sisi is a Muslim -- and he said we Muslims need to stand up together against these radical terrorists who are perverting our faith and turning it into a mandate for murder. Why don't we see the president of the United States demonstrating that same courage just to speak the truth about the face of evil we're facing right now?

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