Maher on Alabama & Gay Marriage: "This Is Why We Can't Allow Unlimited States' Rights Because They Do F***ed Up Things"


BILL MAHER, HBO's "REAL TIME" HOST: They're at it again in Alabama. I'm telling you these people will not move faster. We cannot make them -- although I've been to the cities in Alabama and actually they look like anywhere else, the cities. I think it's the rural places that are trouble. But anyway, so a lesbian couple sued, in Alabama. And people of course are saying to themselves, 'Why are there gay people in Alabama?' There are gay people everywhere. So it's actually good that there are.

And the district judge agreed with the lesbian couple that the ban on gay marriage should be lifted. Well, this went over like Bill Cosby at a NOW convention...

So my question is about states' rights. You know, this is the place you always hear about states' rights. And I just want to say this is why we can't allow unlimited states' rights because they do fucked up things when they have the rights in the states. They have their own worst argument for states' rights...

I read that one of the judge's there, Judge Al Booth, I read in USA Today said that, 'I have the man who runs this state's court system telling me not to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples. I have the federal judiciary telling me I will issue marriage licenses. I want to uphold my oath, but what law do I follow?' B! B! That's how our system works. A judge has to ask this question? That's the federal one. And if it has to go to the Supreme Court then you've got to do what they do because they're called the "Supreme" Court for a reason. They're supreme. We have to ask these questions? (HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, February 13, 2015)

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