Ed Schultz on Obamacare: "You Just Have To Pay A Little Bit More, That's All"


ED SCHULTZ: Is it too much to expect that maybe we would see them follow up on what they're been complaining about?

LOU DESMOND: I can only speak for my experience as a small business owner, my healthcare has been terribly affected, we're on our fourth policy still trying to find it, people like me that self insure have been nothing but hurt by Obamacare. I'd like to seethe whole thing repealed, but of course we only have one piece of the government apparatus.

ED SCHULTZ: How have you been hurt?

LOU DESMOND: I used to have insurance that I liked. We had the doctors' group that my wife and the kids were born into, that we had always gone to, we have not been able to go back to the same doctors' group because they keep dropping the insurances that we get because the government keeps dropping the reimbursement. So I did not get to keep my doctor/plan, that was a lie to people like me who have to self insure.

ED SHULTZ: Mmm hm. But you're not being denied? That's the big thing, you just have to pay a little bit more. That's all. If one of your kids gets sick, you're still going to get insurance, so I'm not quite sure. If we look at the previous years, healthcare, we saw double digit increases, so where is the hurt? It is not going to be a perfect world but you can still get insurance.

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